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EEMA, The European Association for e-Identity and Security

Since 1987, EEMA has been Europe's leading independent, trade association for e-Business, working to further e-Business technology and legislation with its European members, governmental bodies, standards organisations and e-Business initiatives. eema brings together over 135 member organisations (and over 1,500 employees of member organisations) in a neutral environment for education and networking purposes.

  • enabling members of the association to compare common and contrasting views and experiences on specific areas of e-business by holding subject-specific workshops and regular teleconferences and face-to-face meetings, seminars and conferences.
  • facilitating the setting-up of working groups to produce useful work in the form of reports and white papers, of interest to the member participants and to the rest of the membership.
  • connecting members with the 'right' person to talk to within the membership base for solving similar 'problems', or simply develop business relationships.

EEMA also organise Information Security Solutions Europe, Europe's only independent security conference and exhibition. For further information please visit the event website


Trust in Digital Life

The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community, formed by leading industry partners and institutes, considers trust as a priority prerequisite.  Trustworthy  ICT  solutions  must  become  a commodity enforced by citizens and law. The Trust in Digital Life community has  capabilities  to  resolve  the  issues  and  will  research,  pilot  and  promote  innovative trustworthy ICT environments and technologies.

TDL community encourages the industry to develop innovative information  and communication technologies, enabling consumers and enterprises to judge for themselves  if  their devices,  applications  and  services  are  trustworthy  enough  to  protect  them  from  internet  threats. Industry has the ambition to provide these technologies for an affordable price to the market.



What is IDnext association?
The main mission of the IDnext association is to be an open and independent platform to support and facilitate innovative approaches in the world of the Digital identity, create awareness about the Digital Identity, provide a knowledge and networking platform for experts in IT, Business and Marketers as a European center of expertise, and to ensure that everyone connected with the association stays at the forefront of technology, services and business by supporting innovation and by stimulating and supporting knowledge exchange and collaboration.

IDnext provides a single point of entry for (leading) IT and Business professionals throughout Europe. IDnext can be your starting point to connect, collaborate and find specific information related to Digital Identity and acts a community.

IDnext disseminates knowledge and experience by organizing events, master classes and workshops. On a variety of themes, using expertise within the world of IT and Business, it is further an independent not-for-profit network organization.