Day 1: 15 June


Welcome, Opening debate & keynotes - A changing world
Moderator: Jon Shamah, Chairman, EEMA
Ingrid van Engelshoven, Vice Mayor, Gemeente Den Hague: Welcome
Andrea Servida, European Commission, Rolling out eIDAS: boosting trust and security in the Digital Single Market
Ronny Bjones, Microsoft - Solutions to security and identity
Sarah Munro, Head of Digital Identity, Barclays UK, The Journey so far
Jacoba Sieders, Head of IAM for ABN AMRO Bank Biometrics, ABAC and undentification


Coffee and networking

Business Innovations

Technology Applications

Implementing Regulation & Legislation


Evolution towards an eSociety

Advances in Federated identity & IAM

An Update of eIDAS & Related Trust Service Practices

Moderator: Jacques Bus Digital Enlightenment Forum

Moderator: Jacoba Sieders, ABN Amro

Moderator: Erik R. van Zuuren, Vice Chair EEMA

Industry initiatives to inspire trust in digital products and services: Patrice Chazerand, Director Digital Europe

From inter(mediary)net to trusted internet: Henrik Biering, CEO Peercraft


Identity assurance - the art of knowing your customers: John Erik Setsaas, Signicat AS
Identity management evolves: the balance between identification & authentication Marcel van Kleef, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

NSTIC/IDESG update: Russell Chung, Consultant

Where we stand on eIDAS: Andrea Servida, European Commission

ENISA activities in the area of Trust Services: Dr Prokopios Drogkaris, Officer in Network & Information Security, ENISA

An update on eIDAS related standards: Olivier Delos, Managing Director, SEALED


Lunch and networking


Informal round table debates following on from lunch - the subjects will be dependent on submissions received.
Moderators: Jacoba Sieders, ABN Amro & Esther Makaay, SIDN


Coffee and networking


Reconciliating Security & Functional Requirements in the Cloud

European Trust Services Experiences & Advances

Universal Transactions & Identity Requirements for the Private Sector to Secure a Physical & Digital World

Moderator: Ghassan Karame, NEC

Moderator: Erik R. van Zuuren, Vice Chair, EEMA

Moderator: Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA

Melek Önen, Eurecom

Frederik Armknecht, University of Mannheim

Andrew Byrne, EMC

How to prepare a Trust Service Provider for the eIDAS age: Alvaro Matos, DigitalSign - Certificadora Digital, Portugal

eID for and eID usage by Estonians and eEstonians: Kalev Pihl, SK

Practical experiences from applying eIDAS to a local governments' egov-environment: Sylvie Lacroix, SEALED & Hans Graux, time.lex

Trust in the European world – three practical cases: Marijke Salters & Marije Jurriens, Logius

One digital ID on the smartphone to secure physical and digital world: Lukas Praml, CEO, Österreichische Staatsdruckerei GmbH

Universal transactions and identity-requirements: Rieks Joosten, Sr Researcher Information Security Dept, TNO

Impositions on the private sector, with or without Brexit: Mark King, Broadsail


Transformative IT through Agile Cloud Solutions

Disruptive Technologies, Blockchain Identity - Too Good to be True?

Dutch eID & Mobile Initiatives & Debate

Moderator: Svetla Nikova,KU Leuven

Moderator: Steve Pannifer, Consult Hyperion,

Moderator: Nick Smaling, Deloitte, NL

Fernando Carmona, ATOS, Spain (WITDOM)

Pieter-Jan Ombelet, KU Leuven, Belgium (CLARUS)

Valentina Casola, Universita di Napoli Federico II, Italy (SPECS)

Is blockchain the future of identity assurance? John Erik Setsaas, Signicat

Blockchain: Ghassan Karame, NEC

Blockchain is just a technology - you still need attestation Dug Campbell, miiCard

Europol: Grabowsky

iDIN, an initiative by the Dutch banking industry for federated online identity, is currently in pilot. Hear about first results and an outlook on the roadmap: Allard Keuter, Betaalvereniging Nederland

Denis Joannides, Onegini



Awards/Networking/Social Event

Moderator: Robert Garskamp, IDnext

Day 2 16 June


EEMA Annual General Assembly


Reports from day 1 Round table discussions
Moderator: Esther Makaay, SIDN & Jacoba Sieders, ABN Amro


Day 2 Opening debate
Moderator: Amardeo Sarma, Chairman, Trust in Digital Life
Dave Birch, Consult Hyperion, IoT - Identity for the New World
Amin Rafiee, Ambassador of BITNATION, Bitcoin, decentralisation and current developments
Dr Jörg Hladjk, Of Counsel, Jones Day The EU General Data Protection Regulation - how can companies prepare for compliance?

11.15 Coffee and networking
Business Innovations
Technology Applications
Implementing Regulation & Legislation

Cybersecurity for SMEs

Privacy in a Digital World: Guiding
the Future

H2020 & Large Scale Pilots: Reports & Results

Moderator: Rick Chandler, EEMA

Moderator: Esther Makaay, SIDN

Moderator: Erik Van Zuuren

SME security - why should I bother: Emma Philpott, The IASME Consortium Ltd

Carolyn Harrison & Andrew Taylor, BeCyberSure

Mandatory EU privacy protection: Bio-PIN provided compliance without regulatory impediments: J J Nietfeld, Associate Porfessor, University Medical Centre, Utrecht

Risk cues and warnings against phishing do not always work: Marianne Junger, Prof Cybersecurity, University of Twente

TrustTester: secure validation of personal data: Pieter Verhagen, Business Consultant, TNO

LSP Pilot experiences/results and the future with regard to CEF-building blocks: Lefteris Leontaridis, ICT Architect & Business Strategist, eSENS

Preview of FutureTrust & LIGHTest projects: Jon Shamah, Chair, EEMA

LSEC- H2020 experiences in the field of NIS: Ulrich Selderslachts, LSEC


Lunch and networking


Towards Smart Connected Citizens

Avoiding a Cybersecurity Disaster: Risk Management & Governance

Future of Data Privacy in Europe

Moderator: Rick Chandler, EEMA

Moderator: Mike Britnell, Director, BeCyberSure

Moderator: Dr Jörg Hladjk, Jones Day

European marketplace for smart mobility: Hugo Kerschot, Managing Director, IS-practice

The role of artificial intelligence for Trust in the Digital Economy: Huma Shah, Research Fellow, Coventry University

Mobile ID – your mobile passport in the new generation Government: Jana Krimpe, Founder, “B.EST Solutions” LLC, Head of the Azerbaijani Mobile ID centre

Introducing the new consent service from KnowNow - "Consentua" Chris Cooper, KnowNow
Learning from master practitioners: security according to ants: Mike Chung, Associate Partner, IBM

Reaping the benefits of open data: Dinand Tinhold, Vice President, Capgemini Consulting

Bringing your data everywhere in the Internet of (every)Thing: a legal reading of the new right to portability: Lucio Scudiero, Senior Researcher, Italian Institute for Privacy


Disrupting Markets with the Internet of Things (IoT)

Succeeding in Business in a
Mobile World

Breaking News - the Latest Sensation to Hit the Industry

Moderator: Amardeo Sarma, Chairman TDL, General Manager NEC Lab

Moderator: Sinisha Patkovic, Blackberry


Health data in the IoT - a privacy nightmare? Professor Christoph Sorge, Universität des Saarlandes

Ensuring privacy in IoT based Big Data Applications: Professor Peter Langendörfer, IHP

Distributing user certificates to mobile devices: Gunnar Jacobson, CEO, Secardeo

From Real-world Identities to Privacy-preserving and Attribute-based CREDentials: Bharadwaj Pulugundla, Verizon

Dan Butnaru, IDNomic
Gregory Vigroux, Gemalto

This session has intentionally been left free to include a subject or focus area that has just "hit the headlines" or is of current industry interest. The subject will be announced at the conference.




Closing Plenary
Roger Dean, EEMA, Arthur Leijtens, TDL & Robert Garskamp, IDnext

Conference close


Approximately half the session time will be given to scene setting where each panel members has 10 minutes, with or without slides, to present their perspective on the subject - the remaining time will be a discussion session involving members of the audience and the panel.



Vendor sessions/demonstrations/open floor